About Us

Pro Soccer Coaching trains in a completely different way to what you are used to. Not all our sessions are about intensity and doing things fast!! Football is a game where you have to think – to use your brain.


Our focus is to coach you so you can perform physically at your maximum but also to understand what you have to do in your position and how to read the game. Over time players will grow, not only physically but also in their application and involvement in their matches.


Our aim is to provide players extra training sessions to futher themselves as players.  To compare yourself to players in Europe who are training 5-6 times a week at your age then you need to do more.  Of course we follow physical programs that extend players not burn them out and try to suggest to players to understand their capacity.


Carolina Morace

Carolina Morace is a UEFA Pro License coach who played at the highest level in Italy representing her country 153 times scoring 103 goals.  In 2014 she was the first female to be inducted into the Italian Hall of Fame.  As a FIFA Ambassador and Instructor, Carolina travels the world to work with elite teams and conduct coaching courses.  She has coached the Italian and Canadian Womens National Teams.  

In her roles as a coach of a Mens Professional Team Viterbese in Italian Serie C and as a Football Commentator and Analysist on Rai TV and for La Gazetta dello Sport, she has many connections in Football.


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